Thursday, 24 November 2011

Instagram #2

1. View from our balcony on a lovely sunny day 2. How cute are these little knitted hats on the Innocent smoothies? Makes me want to buy them even more often! 3. This is a tape manicure I did at the beginning of last week - unfortunately it didn't turn out the way I wanted to at all :( Definitely giving it another try though! 4. Tesco's Chocolate Brownie Popcorn, oh my god! I think it took me less than two minutes to eat every last bit.. mmmmhhh!

5. I finally ordered some dotting tools from ebay and used them for this polkadot mani 6. Lots of pretty nail polish! 7. My mum sent me a huge parcel full of sweets and other lovely things from Germany, like these Milka chocolate advent calendars :) Roll on 1st of December! 8. Another thing my mum sent over were a few boxes of German gingerbread which I've been nomming nonstop - so yummy!

9. Pasta is definitely my favourite food ever! It's so easy and quick to make and simply delicious, and I really wouldn't mind having it for my dinner every day 10. I have really enjoyed wearing my new kitty cat dress recently, teamed up with some tights and warm cardi though.. brrr! 11. Hello! 12. Another picture of food... My newest addiction: Aero mousse dessert

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