Saturday, 25 February 2012

Foundations For Pale Girls!

Hi girls! First of all, I'm really sorry it's been so quiet here over the past few days.. I've been working a lot more than usual and getting home at 9pm after a long and tiring day doesn't help either! Luckily I'm off for a couple of days now so I'll have lots of time to prepare posts, take photos and just look after my blog a bit more! :) 
For now, I've got some foundations to show you - these have been my four favourites for quite some while now and I know that there's a lot of very pale girls out there who are struggling to find a foundation light enough to match their skin tone. I have finally found a few which are light enough for me and also have a brilliant formula. Unfortunately I'm not blessed with very clear skin which is why I want my foundation to have medium to full coverage, preferably a matte or semi-matte finish, good staying power and the more affordable the better!

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #21 Light Beige (50ml for £10, ebay)
Medium to full coverage, very creamy, adapts to my skin tone perfectly, pleasant scent, stays put all day, dewy finish (powder is vital for me!) and a little goes a long way! This has been my favourite ever foundation for almost a year now.

Astor Mattitude 001 Ivory (30ml for £5)
Light to medium coverage, matte finish (no powder necessary for me), easy application, feels lovely on skin and great staying power.

Bourjois Healthy Mix 51 Light Vanilla (30ml for £10)
Medium coverage, lovely floral scent, semi-matte finish, good staying power, quite runny, easy application. Just a little too yellow for me.

L'OrĂ©al Infallible 15 Porcelain (30ml for £13)
Medium coverage, very light (maybe even a tiny bit too light for me), semi-matt finish, lovely scent, easy to apply, stays put all day, feels very light on skin and gives my skin a flawless look. Definitely my favourite alongside Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream!

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