Monday, 4 February 2013

iPad Mini Cases

1 Aztec Hard Case (£4 via etsy)   2 Griffin Zig Zag Folio Cover (£20 via amazon)   3 Pink Hard Case Smart Cover (£7 via ebay)   4 Polkadot Gel Case (£4 via ebay)   5 Belkin Quilted Cover (£35 via Belkin)   6 Aztec Neoprene Pouch (£8 via ebay)   7 Bird Cage Hard Case (£10 via ebay)

I've been lucky enough to get an Ipad Mini for Christmas and have been scouring the web to find a case which looks great but also protects it from any bumps or scratches. There are lots and lots of different kinds of cases, pouches and covers out there but most of them were just a bit too plain for me so rather than checking Amazon, I had a look on Etsy and Ebay instead and I found some lovely and very affordable cases - I wish I could buy them all haha! I ordered the pink smartcover case and blue polkadot gel case a few weeks ago and I love them - they protect my tablet really well and look lovely - I would highly recommend them! 
So many people own tablets now so I though I'd share my favourite cases and covers with you - and even if you don't have an Ipad Mini, it might still be worth checking these out as you can get most of them for other tablets, or even e-readers, too!

What do you protect your tablet or e-reader with? Feel free to send me links to your favourite cases! :)


  1. I love them all, I have a serious addiction to cases :)

  2. Hallo Mona, dein Blog ist so toll, und deshalb hab ich dich für den Liebster Blog Award nominiert! Wir Europäerinnen-im-Vereinigten-Königreich sind ja eher selten und sollten zusammenhalten. ;) Hier findest du alle Details: click.
    Übrigens würde ich mich sehr über einen Linktausch freuen, falls du interessiert bist. No pressure, though. :) Alles Liebe x

  3. I love all these funky cases, which are available in different designs. I think I will be buying most of them to present as gift to my friends on coming Valentine's Day.

    Sara William
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  4. All cases are awesome with different colors . i will buy all 7 so i can change on each day in week....:)
    iPad Mini Rotating Cases

  5. Aww thanks!! :))
    It was soo helpful!