Monday, 28 November 2011

Hello Scotland!

Hello dolls! I got back to Edinburgh last night after spending five amazing days at home in Germany with my family and friends. I had such a brilliant time - delicious family dinners, shopping with my mum, nights out with my best friends (who I haven't seen for half a year)... Safe to say those five days went far too quick and I'm missing everybody already but Kev is doing a great job at cheering me up :)
Here are a couple of pictures from my time at home, I didn't actually take a lot - too busy enjoying myself ;) However, I bought a couple of new nail polishes and pretty clothes, a post about that will follow as soon as I get the time to! Love, Mona xx 


  1. aw supertoller blog, gefällt mir total gut! :3
    vorallem dein nageldesign, da braucht man sicher viel geduld für :D
    studierst du auch in edinburgh oder wohnst du nur dort? :>

  2. vielen lieben dank julie :) ich hab im moment echt viel zeit, ansonsten würden meine nägel auch nicht jeden tag ein anderes, aufwändiges design bekommen ;) ich wohne und arbeite in edinburgh, bis ich dann (endlich) im september hier studieren kann! :) xx