Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Space Nails

Hello lovelies,
here is my attempt at "space nails" which I wore a couple of days ago. After applying a base coat, I painted my nails with two layers of plain black polish which I let dry completely before randomly dabbing on green, blue, pink and yellow polish with a little unused make up sponge. To finish the manicure off, I added some glitter and sparkle to make extra space-y and a thick layer of top coat to make it all smooth and shiny. I am quite happy with the way it turned out but excuse my nails - I seem to break at least one nail a day when I'm working which is really frustrating... I hate having short stumps! Fingers crossed they will grow back quickly though, especially my index finger nail as it ripped very low (so sore!!).

These are the nail polishes I used to create my "space nails". From left to right: Barry M All in One (basecoat, nail hardener and topcoat), p2 Color Victim "Eternal", Eyeko "Vintage Polish", Barry M "Peach Melba", p2 Color Victim "Charming", 17 Lasting Fix "Pink Grapefruit", Essence Special Effect Topper "Circus Confetti", Gosh "Rainbow" and Essence Nail Art Twins Glitter Topper.

Do you like them? Mona xx