Friday, 28 October 2011

Review: Topshop blush 'Powdered'

Hello dolls,
as promised yesterday, here is a review of one of my new favourite products: a super pretty pink blush from Topshop called Powdered! The name confused me a little when I was trying to work out what the shade was called - I thought 'powdered' just meant it was a powder blush, which it is, but it's also the name of the shade! Anyway, I received a very late but amazing birthday present from my best friend Kerstin last week, including some lovely products from The Body Shop, a Soap&Glory body mist and of course, the Topshop blush (she knows me too well!)! I got super excited because I spent the last few months lusting after Topshop's new make up range.. The packaging is just adorable and have you seen all these beautiful nail polishes?! Thanks to Kerstin, I finally got my hands on one of their make up products and all I can say - I am in love! Even though I have a lot of blushes in all different shades and finishes, I reached for my new Topshop blush every single day for the last one or two weeks!

The colour is described as a "bright pink" to which I can only agree, but you need to be a little careful as it is super pigmented! A little and gentle swirl with your brush will be enough to leave your cheeks with a lovely, pink flush. It's really easy to blend and the staying power is brilliant too - it stays is place all day without fading, no touch up required. All in all, for £6 this really is a lovely product and without a doubt I will keep using it for another couple of weeks... until I go out and pick up some more products from Topshop's make up range! :)

Have you tried anything from their make up range? Any recommendation?
Mona x

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  1. I really want to make sure I try something from the range soon ! This is a lovely shade of pink!