Monday, 31 October 2011

Eyes of steel

I had a couple of minutes left before work this morning and couldn't resist popping into Topshop to have another look at their make up range. I loved every single one of the blushes and could have picked up half of the nail polishes... Also, the packaging is just too cute! But I decided to be good and only buy one polish: a beautiful, metallic purple called "Eyes of Steel". The flat, wide brush makes application super easy, it only takes one coat to be fully opaque and dries very quickly. I love both the formula and the shiny, metallic finish of this polish which is why I don't regret spending £6 for it at all! However, I don't really understand why the metallic polishes are more expensive than the normal ones which retail at £5.

My nails are still tiny stumps :( I tried so many different nail hardeners but my nails still break as soon as they reach a "normal" length which is so frustrating! Has anybody got recommendations for nail hardeners that actually do the trick? Much appreciated!

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