Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday Summary + Instagram Shots

1. First attempt at freehand leopard nails.. I think I might just stick to my Kondad plate! 2. Hello new iPod! It's really cute isn't it? 3. I've been drinking even more tea than usual this week to keep me warm.. I can't believe how cold it suddenly got again! Hurry up summer! 4. I just cannot resist a Dominos, it's too good to miss out on their Tuesday deal hah! 5. This was a manicure I really enjoyed wearing - I showed you a little tutorial here. 6. I finally managed to get myself a new diary for 2012! I ordered a beautiful week-to-week one from Paperblanks. 7. Chilling! 8. I've gone through so many bags of these in the last week.. probably one of my favourite sweets ever mmmhh! 9. Delicious chocolate cake with ice cream from Pizza Express - tasted even better than it looks!

I've had a rather boring week - I've just been working lots which is why I opted for a quiet weekend, long lies, drinking lots of tea, watching films, munching too many sweets.. I'm trying to spend as much time inside as I can anyway, I really can't stand these subzero temperatures :( What have you lovelies been doing this week? Safe to say I'm incredibly jealous of everybody who had the chance to go to IMATS this weekend! Anyway, here's my weekly summary...

Watched: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Descendants, Million Pound Drop
Read: Glamour and the Metro on the bus in the mornings
Listened: Rihanna's new album and Ministry Of Sound 'Running Trax' in the gym
Did: worked out at the gym a lot, dinner with my boyfriend's family, big weekly food shopping..
Ate: pizza at Pizza Express and Dominos, lots of Mini-Eggs and Malteser Bunnies, pasta bake with garlic bread, chicken tikka massala at my favourite Indian restaurant, Ben&Jerry's
Drank: lots and lots of tea, water, Bailey's, Innocent smoothies
Delighted: booked flights to go home to Germany for two weeks in March, internet&phone finally got fixed
Annoyed: weekend went way too quick, the weather, loud neighbours, spending my wages on rent, council tax and bills
Wished: for some sun and warmer temperatures!
Bought: lipsticks and shimmer bricks from 17, Sleek contour kit, Aussie shampoo, birthday presents, plane tickets, Paperblanks diary, groceries..
Clicked: beauty blogs, ebay, easyjet, twitter, wikipedia

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