Monday, 5 December 2011

Black Glitter Nails

This has to be my favourite nail design ever! I have worn this look so many times, especially around Christmas time, and I can't just get enough of it... I absolutely love Essence's Nail Art Twins Glitter Topper - but I'm sure you already knew that considering how much I talk about this little holo beauty. I think it looks stunning layered over black polish and sparkles beautifully in the light, it's so hard to keep your eyes off it!
Another thing I love about this manicure is how easy and quick it is - paint your nails black, add the glitter topper at the tips and slightly pull down to create a nice gradient, finish it off with some fast drying topcoat and you're done.  I used p2 Colour Victim 'Eternal' for my base colour and Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer. This top coat is incredible and, in my opinion, just as good as Seche Vite - it dries super fast and gives the most beautiful shiny and glossy finish. I wore this manicure for 6 days when I was in Germany and experienced only minor tipwear. And check our the price tag: this Essence topcoat is yours for a mere 2.50€ (around £2). Love it!

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