Thursday, 17 November 2011

Review: Dior Addict 'Diorkiss' lipstick

When it comes to make up I am definitely more of a high street girl - not because I don't like the more expensive brands like Dior or Chanel (in fact, I would probably buy every single one of their product if I could...), but simply because I can't afford them right now. Rather than spending £25 on one single product, I would much prefer to buy a couple of different things instead! However, my lovely boy handed me a Debenhams voucher his aunt gave him for his birthday, because 'there is nothing he would want to buy there anyway'... But obviously, there are hundreds of things I would love to lay my hands on! Trying to make up my mind wasn't that easy though haha! I decided to go for a lipstick in a shade I would wear every day as I wanted to buy something that I would actually use. The Dior Addict lipsticks have always interested me and there is an incredible amount of shades to choose from... I spend about 15 minutes at the counter trying to pick a colour! In the end, I treated myself to '578 Diorkiss', a stunning pink which Kate Moss wears in the promo pictures.

The lipstick is moisturising, super shiny (almost gloss-like) and very lightweight on my lips - it feels just like wearing a lipbalm which I love! The Dior Addict lippies are quite sheer but you can build them up - don't expect them to be opaque though. Even though the formula is very light and glossy, I still get around 3 hours of wearing time before I have to reapply, which is pretty good in my opinion.

I absolutely love the shade I picked - Diorkiss is an amazing pink which is perfect for every day wear, it's so easy to wear and goes with almost everything. And to be honest, I have worn this basically every day since I bought it. Like I said before, the formula is brilliant too. It keeps my lips feeling hydrated and smooth, it glides on easily and stays put for a good few hours and most of all, it's super pretty! And also, the packaging... How can you not love it? All in all, I still think £22 is quite a lot for a lipstick but it's definitely worth it! I can highly recommend these and I am definitely going to lay my hands on another shade when I have some money left over at the end of the month! Love love love!

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