Friday, 18 November 2011

Essence Special Effect Topper Circus Confetti

I finally got round trying one of Essence's Nail Art Special Effect Topper which I had lying around for months. Circus Confetti is a clear base packed with multicoloured hex and round glitter in varying sizes. I wore one coat over a plain black polish (p2 Colour Victim in Eternal) which worked really nicely I think, but wearing Circus Confetti on its own could be a little more challenging as it would require quite a few coats to be fully opaque. Application was really easy: the glitter spread out evenly, dried fast and the finish was surprisingly smooth! I really enjoyed wearing Circus Confetti and I'm looking forward to layering it over some other colours. For only 1.79€ (about £1.50) I think this is a really nice and fun topper and I would definitely recommend it :)


  1. Oh I like the topper.
    Bought glorious aquarius :)

  2. Den Glitzer-Topper brauche ich! :O

  3. vany, den gibts im permanenten sortiment.. hol ihn dir! :) xx