Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pink Leopard Nails

 Hi girls! Some of you might know that I absolutely love using my Konad stamping plates, especially the leopard pattern! After a bit of practice, stamping is quick and easy and perfect for those with an unsteady hand (like me). However, I thought it was about time to try my new Essence Nail Art Pen and create a leopard print mani without the help of my stamping plate! I painted my nails with Barry M's Pink Flamingo polish and used a dotting tool and Konad's Special Polish in White to add some random dots. Using the black nail art pen I lined the dots and drew on some c-shapes, then sealed it with topcoat to avoid any smudging. I think it didn't turn out too bad for my first attempt - but it does look a lot neater and nicer from a bit further away rather than close up haha!
I can't say I'm a huge fan of the nail art pen from Essence though. It has a fine, pointy tip which is great for neat lines and it is highly pigmented but application is a bit tricky. There's either way too much polish flooding out of it which leaves you with big blobs of colour on your nails, or only a tiny bit of polish comes out which means you have to go over the same line again and again during which you kinda 'scratch off' the colour though. Can you recommend any nail art pens to me? xx

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  1. WOW! I love these! The colour is gorgeous, wish I had long enough nails and the skill for these nails.