Thursday, 19 January 2012

MUA Blush Shade #1

Blushes are probably my favourite make up products ever and you will never see me leave the house without it. Rosy cheeks make you look healthy and glowy, and in my opinion, a little dab of blush on your cheeks is essential. A little while ago, when showing you my seven favourite blushes I introduced you to MUA Blusher #3 which is a lovely plum shade and seriously good quality. I decided to pick up another shade as you can't really go wrong for £1 right? I chose shade #1, the lightest and definitely most beautiful colour they offer. I'm so in love with this shimmery pinky shade and I think it looks lovely on pale skin (even though I might have overdone it a little in the picture above). The quality is brilliant too - silky and smooth, very pigmented, blends easily and good staying power.. All for one pound! This is definitely a winner for me, well done MUA! xx

1 comment:

  1. Ohhh, i've never tried their blushes! Do they last well? I'd love something a bit different to my usual bright pink blush!