Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Xmas Instagram

1. Receiving lovely Christmas cards makes me happy! 2. I made some yummy apple and cinnamon cupcakes yesterday but I still haven't decided on a frosting though - I'm experimenting a bit to find the perfect cupcakes for Christmas Day! 3. I really like our Christmas tree this year, it's quite simple and plain but I'm really happy with it. Fairyyy lights! 4. I was really excited to write Christmas cards this year and found some lovely ones at Marks&Spencers, now I only need to go and buy about a hundred stamps hah!

5. Me and Kev went to Ikea for baubles and other tree decorations but unfortunately, there wasn't a lot to choose from which is why I only picked up some plain silver ones. Luckily I found some beautiful sparkly and shiny navy blue baubles at Sainsbury's. I think they look lovely together! 6. My yummy Milka advent calendar which my mum sent over from Germany. But it's a shame that it only has 24 doors.. 7. Our tree again! 8. As it gets colder each day, I've been living in my floral pyjamas and cosy slippers.. So warm and comfy!

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  1. hah, cool, dass du in edinburgh lebst ;D

    hab über ein jahr auch mal in der nähe gelebt.

    ich würd gern mal wieder zurück, die shopping malls besuchen und die zeit mit den leuten verbringen, die ich dort kennengelernt hab.