Saturday, 17 December 2011

Topshop lipstick 'Pillow Talk'

Hi lovelies! I have been lusting over Topshop's Pillow Talk lipstick for a while after seeing it on so many blogs and reading some very postive reviews. I went to Topshop on my lunch break about two weeks ago and was lucky enough to bag myself the last one! I would normally think twice about spending £9 on a lipstick but it just looks so lovely I couldn't say no. I love the usual packaging of Topshop's make up collection, but the look of the Smoke&Mirrors limited edition is absolutely fantastic too! Yes, I'm a sucker for packaging... Anyway, after using it for the first time I was quite disappointed though... I have really pigmented lips and Pillow Talk is so much lighter than my natural lip colour which washes me out and makes me look even more pale. I have also read in almost every review how moisturising and glossy the formula is but I really couldn't agree to that - my lips looked and felt dry and the word 'glossy' didn't even cross my mind at all. I felt quite gutted as it's such a beautiful light pink shade but it just didn't seem to work for me - I shoved the lipstick into one of my big make up boxes and kinda forgot about it.
Yesterday I came across it again and decided to give Pillow Talk a second chance, I lightly dabbed it onto my lips, added some glossy lipbalm and hey, so much better than the first time I tried it! I'm still not sure why mine is so matte (compared to all these lovely glossy ones everybody else seems to have) but I'll keep playing around with it, and hopefully I'll find out how to rock this lipstick too! xx


  1. Looks a gorgeous colour, looks lovely against your skin with the shine! i'm pale too and would that would wash me out too. boo!
    (Im a sucker for packaging too, teehee!)

  2. Oh no that's so disappointing! I've been lusting after this for ages but everyone says it's really glossy :S X