Thursday, 29 December 2011

My quick fix for dry winter hands!

Winter has always been my least favourite month - it's too cold and windy for me, I really don't enjoy having to wrap up warm all the time and my skin doesn't seem to be a big fan of winter either. I tend to get very dry and chapped hands which feel horrible and can be quite sore too! I have tried quite a lot of different hand creams and I did come across some really nice ones (Soap&Glory Hand Food for example) but it wasn't until last week when I finally found a real saviour: the Almond Hand&Nail Cream from The Body Shop (£10 for 100ml)! After only using it two or three times, my hands both felt and looked super soft and moisturised, no dry skin in sight anywhere! The cream itself feels quite light and sinks in very quickly without leaving a greasy and sticky feeling behind, and it also smells incredibly good: sweet and almondy but not too overpowering. All in all, I am super happy with this hand cream and I will definitely keep it in my handbag during the cold months! xx

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