Saturday, 5 November 2011

No7 Quick Cover Blemish Stick

Hello lovelies,
To be honest, No7 has never really interested me - maybe because it's quite pricey, maybe because of the boring packaging? But after carrying around about a dozen of £5-off vouchers from Boots in my purse, I decided to have a proper look at their make up range and maybe pick up a few bargains. I read a couple of very positive reviews about their eye make up brushes - they cost around £7.50 which makes it a real steal and definitely worth a try with a £5-off voucher - but unfortunately, my Boots didn't have any in stock which is why I decided buy a new concealer as both my Collection2000 Lasting Perfection and Maybelline Pure Minerals (my favourite!) concealers were almost finished.

I picked up the Quick Cover Blemish Stick (£8 or £3 with a voucher) in '02 extra fair' which is the lightest shade - and perfect for me! I can tell you right away that I still haven't made up my mind about whether I like the product or not. The consistency is a little weird, it feels really silky while applying but it dries down to a powdery finish after a few seconds which can make blending quite hard - if you blend "too much" it gets really flaky and basically rubs off of your face. This might just be me though - I use concealer quite generously pretty much all over my face to hide redness, acne scars, blackheads etc.. However, it is highly pigmented and does cover perfectly! I have especially enjoyed using it on my dark circles under my eyes as it did make my eyes look a lot brighter and less tired.
All in all I would say that this is a good product - I would definitely recommend it for concealing "small areas" of your face like spots, scars or dark circles under your eyes - it's also great for touch-ups during the day as it dries to a powdery-matte finish. Just be careful when using a lot of it as it turns dry and flaky when blending too much. But for £3 with a voucher, you really cannot go wrong!

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